Social Media an Opportunity to Promote Health

  • Posted by: SI-Insights
  • Jan 1, 2020

As we all know, in today’s world everyone is using social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and Forums) to share their stories, views and spread awareness on any topics. Even in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, social media has become a platform for people to share their views and concerns related various topics (it may be personal or disease orientated), and companies (to promote their service and offerings).

These days many pharmaceutical companies have adopted digital media channels (particularly Facebook and Twitter) to spread awareness around disease and products through info graphics, campaign, videos, etc. Which is resulted into a wider reach and awareness on information across geographical area.

In the same regards, recently there was trending story which brought everyone attention, Hayley Browning Corporate Account Manager at Breast Cancer Care and fund raiser for Marie Curie London, United

Hayley Browning

Kingdom Non-Profit Organization Management has been diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2016. She was able to detect a lump under her breast through self-screening by lying down on the bed but the recommendation that she read was to check under the shower. Hayley went through surgery and a multiple round of chemotherapy to remove and kill her breast cancer.

Hayley Browning made a team called #Laidbacklumps Snowdon Adventure and decided to spread awareness on breast cancer self-screening among people through social media channel (Facebook and twitter). Hayley shared her breast cancer news among women like me or women who are still

unaware that they have breast cancer. Hayley browning communal around how she has self-diagnosed her breast cancer, and how through immense support from the health care providers and hospital staff she was able to beat that deadly disease with a year.

Impact of Social Media on Healthcare and Patients

We come to understand from a study conducted by socioinsider, a social media monitoring company that helps pharma and healthcare companies to understand patients’ needs and expectations, as per them; there are significant discussions happening around educating people about various disease conditions and conversation are growing with the time.

In this case of Hayley Browning shared her breast cancer journey on social media channel just to educate women like her. The influence of that single Facebook post was significant, mentioned by socioinsider and it has reaches to mass.

Here is so other stories where patients has got influenced with social media posts and many of women has started regular screening herself for breast cancer.

The outcome of screening is that one of the women like her name Jayne Dandy 51-year-old mother from Ruxton near Warrington, Cheshire England followed a tip of #Laidbacklumps suspect a lump in her right breast and diagnosed with aggressive grade 3 form of Breast cancer displaying no symptoms which was confirmed after various scans, mammogram and mastectomy performed by surgeon.

Jayne Dandy 

Hayley Browning

Jayne Dandy, said that while thanking Hayley browning Facebook post alternative on self-examination tips on social media was vital lifesaving post for her, because of her she is still alive.

Not only Jayne Dandy, has been survived from breast cancer, but approximately 30 women’s like her thanking Hayley for sharing such a vital lifesaving tip on social media platform which help them to suspect lump in their breast after following alternative method of breast self-screening shared by Browning’s on social media channels.

As we all say, Sharing is Caring

So, start sharing your incredible and motivational journey in social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) who knows one day your motivational and informational message can save someone life.


About Writer: – Romita Marwaha, a passionate healthcare communicator, she works as an Assistance Manager at SI-Insights where she is leading a team of researchers and medical communication associates. She along with the team are constantly reaching out to patients and caregivers using digital media channels to educate and empower them.