New Emerging Mantras for Supply Chain Intelligence

  • Posted by: SI-Insights
  • Jan 1, 2020

Are you looking for ways to tackle the increased global complexity of supply chains? Are you wondering where your performance is weak and wrong? If so, you lack EXPERT Supply Chain Intelligence solution.

The supply chain intelligence is more than just about simple reporting. The key is to create a truly successful strategy through a combination of business intelligence and data integration technologies.

Let’s dig deeper and get insights into "Chains and Supply Chain Intelligence" and determine how it is beneficial for your business.

Supply Chains

‘Supply chains’ is highly complex.  Plenty of internal processes, including purchasing, procurement, and inventory management, come to its purview. Transportation, distribution, and logistics managed by external constituents are a part of supply chains. All these need to be seamlessly coordinated. A proper flow of supply chains requires structured workflows impeccably. To ensure this, you need uninterrupted sharing of real-time information among your supply chain partners.

This is where comes the importance of supply chain intelligence.

Supply Chain Intelligence:

Supply Chain Intelligence is a comprehensive way to tackle the increased global complexity. It presents powerful analytics like customizable reports, crucial data from all trading partners. It enables you to measure where the performance is weak and strong, and allows to make smart strategic decisions.

Further, the supply chain intelligence brings transparency in key supply chain roles, functional dashboards like procurement, inventory, production etc. It also offers point solutions, which contain spend analytics and demand forecasting.

The concept of Supply Chain Intelligence is nothing new. But, until recently, few companies have partnered with leading companies to manage their supply chain network efficiently and quickly. By this way, they achieve the required level of functionality and support broad-reaching supply chain intelligence initiatives.

Key Features:

Supply chain intelligence comes equipped with the following features:

  • Ability to analyse KPIs and metrics
  • Building a picture of supply chain performance
  • Pre-built best practices dashboards
  • Generating reports with the option to customize
  • Automatic alerts based on user-defined exceptions

Here Why Supply Chain Intelligence is a Must

There are a whole lot of benefits you can reap by implementing supply chain intelligence to your business. Key benefits include:

  • Improving workflow design
  • Enhancing strategic planning activities
  • Tracking tactical processes
  • Discovering breakdowns – before they impact fulfilment
  • Collaborating and communicating with key stakeholders
  • Assessing the performance of supply chain partners
  • Monitoring costs, and identifying areas for revenue success

How SI-Insights Helps You with Supply Chain Intelligence

SI-Insights is a leading provider of supply chain intelligence. It builds an organization around a simple but powerful idea and setting an industry benchmark. Despite generating data, SI-Insights is also engaged in providing insightful findings that help you make smart decision making.

The tool used by professionals at SI-Insights can let you have insight into your supply chain performance. You can get customizable and easy to read reports and dashboards with industry-standard metrics. The reports easily monitor the performance of your supply chain elements in real-time. The supply chain intelligence also includes analytical tools that help you have deeper insight into trends over time, your supply chain operations and much more.

If you have any issue related to your supply chain intelligence, get in touch with Si-insights.