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Getting a Better Idea of Sales Force Deployment

Is your sales organization fully equipped? In today’s setting of mergers, achievements, and dismissals, many businesses do not have a comprehensive approach to the toolkit that their itinerant and remote workers bring with them each day.

Your sales team perhaps has a mobile phone and/or smartphone (Samsung, iPhone, etc.), a laptop, modem card, and a variable degree of home office expenses services. It’s life-threatening that these services are all accomplished by your organization to safeguard sales force efficiency and efficient spending.

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There are four high-level stages that your association must follow to define or re-evaluate your deals force toolkit:

  • Evaluating your present situation
  • Describing your tool-kit
  • Selecting retailers and exchange rates
  • Implementation
  • Appraising Current State

Before you can start converting your all-inclusive sales team to iPhone’s and iPad’s, you requisite to comprehend what your team is casting off, and what you are expenditure. It’s simple to begin with the services that are presently managed by your association. You will need to take a record of all corporate delivered services while excavating for the expenses services. Does your sales force expenditure for home office broadband, phone line, and fax service? Do they cost mobile phone service, hotel Wi-Fi? These duties take a whole to unearth.

To start your present state evaluation, you would have to:

  • Audit corporate delivered services (mobile phones, hardware, software, etc.)
  • Audit expenditure reports for communication expenditure (landline, internet, fax, etc.)
  • Conduct a survey to comprehend usage patterns, spend, and requirements

A survey is an exceptional tool to collect facts to both support your audit discoveries and get necessities from your sales team. Incentivize your sales force by making certain they recognize that the survey directly narrates to the tools they would be using in the near future.

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Things to Keep In Mind

  • Focus on the expenses that matter.
  • Contest for a discount in service fees, not merely a percentage discount.
  • Ignore the small expenditure, or spend that doesn’t matter.
  • Don’t press the transporters for an inexpensive text messaging cost if your sales squad doesn’t use (or requisite) text messaging.
  • Begin with your second and third tier suppliers and make use of their hunger to influence your primary
  • When transferring hardware, don’t forget the big box suppliers like Staples, Office Depot, CDW, etc.
  • All of them offer corporate programs that might rival dealing with the industrialist directly.

Selecting merchants and negotiation charges is unique to every solution. There isn’t a one-size that fits all method, but as long as you follow the strategies above you have to be in good shape.


Implementation is the last step in positioning your new sales force toolkit. There are several moving parts, so make certain you have the whole plan that contains all stakeholders. You will have to make sure you think through the following:

  • Understand who is receiving what equipment
  • Updating your consumer database
  • Make sure your maintenance model is up to date
  • Updating your wireless policy for prospective changes
  • Determining the distribution and instigation model

Thus for sales force deployment, apply the ideas give above. If you have any question related to sales force deployment, write in the comment box. We’d be happy to answer your question.


Pharmaceutical Sales Force Deployment Benchmarking-Importance of Self Assessment

There are a number of factors, which contributes to the success of a brand or achieving the sales target. When we talk about pharmaceuticals we tend to keep our focus on creating a winning sales team.

A motivated sales team is the key differentiator even in today’s digital age, which makes all the difference inside the doctor’s chamber. We take number of initiatives to ensure the team is well equipped with the tools and they are capable of reaching out to the doctors, ensuring the value is communicated, right demanding is done and their efforts reflects in sales closing.

While there are too much attention is given to improve in-clinic performance, involving and engaging HCPs in CMEs and patients education programs, ensuring ROI, etc. We tend to miss or give least thoughts on sales force benchmarking or sales force structuring.

Pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness has a lot to do with Sales Force Deployment Benchmarking

We consider sales force expansion as a natural process (team size grows with the sales). We are absolutely right in our approach in fact this is an ideal way of looking at the expansion. However, there are other crucial angles, which one should consider such as:

• What is the real potential of the territory?
• What we expect from each territory? Not in entirety (national level/regional level) but at territory level.

Once we start thinking in this direction and start analyzing each territory by its full potential in comparison with peers. Particularly in well-stabilized divisions, we might discover that there are several territories, which are underperforming, and there are some territories, which are stretched and need additional sales force.

We might come to the conclusion that we are well equipped and our sales force is aligned as per territory potential. Still sales force benchmarking is an exercise, worth doing because if we identify a few territories and work on, its an incremental growth on top of everything else.

Ultimately well thought strategies are easier to implement and maximize yield.

Author – Hanumant Singh

Author works at SI-Insights which offers sales force benchmarking, competitive intelligence, supply chain intelligence research, and Digital support to pharmaceutical companies globally.

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