Pharmaceutical Sales Force Deployment Benchmarking-Importance of Self Assessment


Pharmaceutical Sales Force Deployment Benchmarking-Importance of Self Assessment

There are a number of factors, which contributes to the success of a brand or achieving the sales target. When we talk about pharmaceuticals we tend to keep our focus on creating a winning sales team.

A motivated sales team is the key differentiator even in today’s digital age, which makes all the difference inside the doctor’s chamber. We take number of initiatives to ensure the team is well equipped with the tools and they are capable of reaching out to the doctors, ensuring the value is communicated, right demanding is done and their efforts reflects in sales closing.

While there are too much attention is given to improve in-clinic performance, involving and engaging HCPs in CMEs and patients education programs, ensuring ROI, etc. We tend to miss or give least thoughts on sales force benchmarking or sales force structuring.

Pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness has a lot to do with Sales Force Deployment Benchmarking

We consider sales force expansion as a natural process (team size grows with the sales). We are absolutely right in our approach in fact this is an ideal way of looking at the expansion. However, there are other crucial angles, which one should consider such as:

• What is the real potential of the territory?
• What we expect from each territory? Not in entirety (national level/regional level) but at territory level.

Once we start thinking in this direction and start analyzing each territory by its full potential in comparison with peers. Particularly in well-stabilized divisions, we might discover that there are several territories, which are underperforming, and there are some territories, which are stretched and need additional sales force.

We might come to the conclusion that we are well equipped and our sales force is aligned as per territory potential. Still sales force benchmarking is an exercise, worth doing because if we identify a few territories and work on, its an incremental growth on top of everything else.

Ultimately well thought strategies are easier to implement and maximize yield.

Author – Hanumant Singh

Author works at SI-Insights which offers sales force benchmarking, competitive intelligence, supply chain intelligence research, and Digital support to pharmaceutical companies globally.

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