6 Digital Marketing Archives That You Should Avoid Practicing

  • Posted by: SI-Insights
  • Jan 1, 2020

The days of this year are numbered. Marketers seem to be busy in measuring mistakes they made in their digital marketing strategies this year. 2020 has taken the digital marketing industry by storm, and the same is being expected in the 2021 as well.

Don’t you want to figure out your marketing mistakes? Aren’t you careful enough to avoid them in New Year’s marketing strategies?

Let’s discuss, in this blog, 6 great digital marketing mistakes you shouldn’t repeat.

1. Ignoring Market Research

Most of the one-man start-ups and mid-sized businesses ignored ‘market research’ in 2020. Maybe, you too! Don’t repeat it in the upcoming year. The market research is a part of your digital marketing strategy. It’s a systematic approach to figure out where you did mistakes and what you need to do or which sides of your business needs improvement.

2. Avoiding Consumer Journey

Consumer journey, no doubt, plays an important role in the purchase decision. One critical mistake business did is taking this factor into account while measuring out their target audience. You need to learn to understand your customer propensity and come up with a personalized targeting strategy. It can let you be more effective in 2021.

3. Reluctant to Digital Marketing Company

In 2020, many start-ups seemed to be reluctant to a digital marketing company in Mumbai. This might be because they were not aware of the importance of business digital presence. To earn brand awareness, hire experienced and certified digital marketing experts who benchmark the digital and social media presence of own and competitors, social media analytics or social media monitoring.

Key digital marketing solutions include sharing conversation, monitoring trends, conducting sentiment Analysis and digital and Social Channels Analysis by using online tools and human intelligence.

4. Market Research & Sales Process

Market research is not a separate part of your business strategy. Instead, it is cohesively associated with your sales process. Sales need to modify your mistakes or incorporate your best policies that drove better sales last time. Give preference to the market research in your sales process. When you do this, you get measurement, synergy, and you can start to see a return-on-investment. Make this a priority in 2021.

5. Not Investing in Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital marketing is a core part of your marketing strategy. Be it social media, search engine optimization, e-mail, video, etc. they are the form of digital marketing can more measurable than advertising, trade show or PR. Add investment for digital solutions to your 2021 marketing strategies.

6. Siding Step Competition

Your competitor’s marketing strategy is as important as your own. Some marketers didn’t give importance to competition. They began marketing without tracking what their competitors are doing. Be smarter in the upcoming years and invest time in analysing your competition and learn from their success or failures.


Digital marketing is one of the most important parts of your marketing plans. Don’t ignore it in 2021. Better, look for a professional digital marketing company in Mumbai that can help you with comprehensive online marketing solutions based on market research, market insights and competition analysis.