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We at SI-Insights are committed to provide a cost effective model for supply chain market research and procurement intelligence support. While working with several global manufacturers and consulting companies over the years, we have developed the expertise in supply chain procurement intelligence. We help our clients not only in identifying the right vendor, understanding their strength and weaknesses but also benchmark their existing supplier’s capabilities with peers which help them to save cost, bring more efficiency and take an informed decision.

Supply Chain Market Research Company

In current days there is a budgetary pressure on procurement department to bring down the cost and there is a clear lack of structured procurement intelligence process in majority of the companies. This is an existing opportunity for companies like us to fulfill the gap.

How we help?

  1. Identify suppliers across regions
  2. Finding the right suppliers for your company
  3. Consolidation of suppliers base
  4. Ensuring suppliers are paid right price
  5. Assess supply chain risks and mitigate potential disruptions
  6. Make vs. Buy Analysis
  7. Best Cost Countries Sourcing Opportunities
  8. Technological development and its impacts on procurement

How will you be benefitted with our support?

  1. To drive better sourcing strategies
  2. Take an informed decision
  3. Identify new supply opportunities
  4. Better forecast and anticipate price trends
  5. Evaluate supplier
  6. Assess supply chain risks

Our Market Intelligence capabilities:

  1. Supply market analysis
  2. Category strategy development
  3. Supplier identification
  4. Supplier’s SWOT analysis
  5. Supplier benchmarking
  6. Tracking global indices

We provides syndicated and customized reports on pharmaceutical sales force deployment.
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We set an industry benchmark with our business intelligence reports.

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Stakeholders Survey: We are capable of conducting an elaborated and targeted survey
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With application of best in class tools, statistical and mathematical techniques
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Through appropriate use of machine and human intelligence we are capable to dig dipper
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We provides end to end solutions from content creation to content monetization.
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