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We are a research driven Social Media Marketing (SMM) company at SI-Research and Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Si-insights). We believe that social media marketing has to be done not primarily for making sales but for engaging and involving customers and prospects; sales should come as byproduct of addressing some of their needs. It is very important to have a well research content, which is relevant and addresses needs and expectations of the audience. We give lots of importance to the content, be it visual or textual, quality content is backbone of social media marketing strategy; all current and future initiatives success rely on the effectiveness of content.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Commpany

We have our in-house social media monitoring team, they are capable of indenting target audience understanding their needs and expectations which add lots of value in our approach. We develop and dedicate Social Media Marketing expert to similar kind of projects and have our SMM experts involve in similar fields such as pharma, beauty care, health and fitness, etc.

We offer a 360 degree approach from understanding target audience to content creation, content distribution, monetization and analytics & reporting which provides the visibility not only in efforts applied but also the outcome.

We are a good fit for small, medium or large companies as our model a cost effective and workable. Here are the details of our offerings:

Digital Media & Research Services

While keeping in mind of 360 digital media agency support we offer our value added services across the platforms. The picture bellow signifies our capability across the domains.

Social Media Marketing Company in Pune

Unmatched Pricing for Value added Services

We have developed a cost effective mode to meet large as small companies, startups digital initiative supports.

Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai

Sales force deployment image
We provides syndicated and customized reports on pharmaceutical sales force deployment.
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We set an industry benchmark with our business intelligence reports.

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Stakeholders Survey: We are capable of conducting an elaborated and targeted survey
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With application of best in class tools, statistical and mathematical techniques
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Through appropriate use of machine and human intelligence we are capable to dig dipper
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We provides end to end solutions from content creation to content monetization.
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Supply Chain Market Research
We at SI-Insights are committed to provide a cost effective model for supply chain market research
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Social Media Marketing
We are a research driven Social Media Marketing (SMM) company

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Competitive Intelligence
Pharmaceutical competitive intelligence (CI) is the process of gathering
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