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Available Reports:- Hepatology Deployment Report - EU Market Hemophilia Sales Force Deployment - US Market Oncology & Cardio-metabolic Sales Force Deployment Report - US Market Oncology Sales Force Deployment Report - EU Market Deployment and Expenditure Analysis of top 20 Pharma Companies in India
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Pharmaceutical Business & Competitive Intelligence
Pharmaceutical competitive intelligence (CI) is the process of gathering, defining and analyzing factual, valuable information collected from trusted industry sources, about pharma products, customers, competitors, markets, R&D, vendor, etc. At SI-Insights, with our consistent effort to build industry sources we have been able to build an asset of thousands of contacts across the globe with whom we regularly engage on variety of different projects.
Such as:
  • Product Life Cycle Tracking
  • Product Launch
  • Vendor Assessment
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer Assessment
  • Marketing Spend
  • Medical Communications
  • Sales Force Benchmarking

Why do we require Competitive Intelligence in Pharma Industries?
Competitive intelligence in pharma industry enables you to learn and understand about what is happening outside of your business. Through a structured CI process, you can get to know, what your competitors are up to? Which offers a great deal in planning and decision-making.
SI-Insights Advantages:
  • Advance Competitive Intelligence tools and techniques
  • An asset of contacts across the globe a large pool of Pharma industries experts for competitive analysis
  • A solid track record of delivering pharmaceuticals competitive intelligence research and reports in USA, EU, Japan and India
  • Delivered competitive intelligence services to big pharma and global consulting companies.
  • Offers a cost effective model.
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