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5 Easy Ways to Cut Supply Chain Costs and Save Big

For those budding entrepreneurs and CEOs who are looking out for ways to save on supply chain costs are lucky to read this post. In this post, we’d like to detect sixth essential areas to keep an eye on to reduce supply chain costs.Profits for your business can skyrocket if you gain adequate savings in supply chain costs. It’s wrong to say that you can yield substantialannual savings, but it depends on the size of your business.

“Top Reasons Why You Should Go for Supply Chain Market Research”

Let’s briefly explore here a guide to supply chain management.

No matter the industry you’re looking out for cutting supply chain costs, be it consulting, travel, airline, hotel & tourism or automobile industry, supply chain plays a pivotal role.

Don’t say that you need to be a corporate giant for saving big on the supply chain. Let’s discover these areas that offer significant saving opportunities irrespective of your business size.

1. Customer Service

Don’t give your customers what you imagine. Instead, let them have from you what they really need.

Remember, the needs and requirements of your customer should cultivate your supply chain structure and strategy. So, avoid costs for things that your customers don’t want or for which they see no value.

For instance, why do you provide next-day delivery to every customer – even though not every customer needs it?  You’re wasting money on express transport.

2. Supply Chain Strategy

Have a clear understanding of your customers’ needs. Setyourobjective to fulfill them. Develop your strategy based on goals. Then, let the objectives drive tactics.

It means your supply chain strategy shouldn’t be fixed. I should be flexible enough instead. It should cater to evolving business and customer needs so that you can drive optimal tactical and operational decisions.

3. Supply Chain Market Research

Supply chain market research is a raw material to observe industry trends and conduct industry analysis.  The report consists of data and analysis of the most influential current and future trends that will shape the industry.

Find reputable supply chain market research companies like SI-Insights is to have in-depth industry market research in a logical, user-friendly format. It will let you have growth and profit forecasts for years to come.

4. Sales and operations planning (S&OP)

S&OP is a process. It helps share information and brings people together in a structured, single plan that is defined across the functional departments.

With the S&OP process, you can easily set frequent changes to your demand plan and master production schedule and make poor forecast accuracy. Bear in mind that when you learn to improve the situation within your business, you will speed up your growth.

5. Supply chain network design

Let the ditch of costs and trust widen. You need to keep reliability up and costs down. And, you can do this by designing your network and thereby, minimizing product handling.

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Think about the shape of your physical supply chain network. Make sure if it is based on your customers and your suppliers.

Understand your customer base and the service you provide them on one end and the location of your suppliers on the other. Doing so enables you to dictate where you hold stock to service your customers.

If your suppliers are farther away, they may encounter problems in serving customers on right time. And on the other hand, you’ll need to have the additional manpower to deliver your service in every particular area. Thus you’ll be paying extra. So, customers and suppliers shouldn’t be much far.

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To sum up, driving success and reducing supply chain costs isn’t that easy. But, buy following the tips above, you’ll be able to minimize huge amount usually spend on the supply chain.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go for Supply Chain Market Research

Supply chain management is about the flow of goods and services. Its goal isto mitigate risks, reduce inventory costs, and keep track of goods’ consumption.

To ensure a successful supply chain business management, it is important to choose the right vendor, understand your business strength, detect the weak points and benchmark capabilities with peers. This leads to save costs, ensure more efficiency and help you take an informed decision. All this can be done with the help of supply chain market research.

Have a look at this blog post as it gives an insight into the supply chain market research and how it helps you grow your business.

Industry Insights

The global supply chain market is expected to gain traction over the forecast period. If you also want to obtain benefits, then you need to go for conducting supply chain market research. It will help you identify suppliers across regions, forecast accuracy,find the right suppliers, understand meaningful synthesis of business data, assess supply chain risks,increase awareness about the benefits and mitigate potential disruptions.All these things are collectively responsible for driving growth of the market.

Steps You Shouldn’t Ignore in Supply Chain Market Research

Why the Need of Supply Chain Research

There are a whole lot of reasons why you should go for supply chain market analysis. Since you’re associated with this supply chain industry, you may know the growing demand of data inseveral industries, including, retail & consumer,manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation.

The increased demand for the volume of dataencourages you to adopt logical solutions for converting raw data into meaningful insights. With the help of a supply chain research report, you can distinguish between relevant and irrelevant data.

Primarily, thesupply chain market research companies include the following points to their reports:

  • Market forecasts
  • Market opportunities
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Company market shares
  • Latest trends & dynamics
  • Best Cost Countries Sourcing Opportunities

The supply chain research reports keep you aware of the growing consumer awareness. It enables businesses to enhance decision-making capabilities. By having the market research report, you can make aninformed decision about your organization infrastructure, strategic alliances,and technologyand enterprise resource management

Besides all these, the supply chain market research facilitates better strategic decision making. It can help you improve your existing market position, optimize return on investment, use procured insights and accelerate growth. You can also have a broader view of the supply chain, better profitability, sustainability, and inventory cost reduction.

Furthermore, the supply chain market research helps you find answers to the following questions such as:

  • what’s is the market size;
  • what will be the market growth size in a particular period;
  • what segment of the region will lead the market growth;
  • what are the critical sustainability strategies adopted by your competitors ;
  • and many other questions.

All That You Should Know About Supply Chain Intelligence in 2018

Wrapping Up

Supply chain market research is a stepping stone towards the business growth. It provides you with an in-depth analysis of current and future market. It enables you to set out better strategies, take an informed decision, anticipate price trends, identify new supply opportunities, evaluate supplier and assess supply chain risks. So, you should look for reputed supply chain market research companies that can offer the latest reports on supply chain.

SI-Insights is one of the best supply chain market research companies you can trust on. Apart from generating reports on the supply chain, we also deal with other services. For details, fix a meeting with us.

A Beginner’s Guide to Supply Chain Management

Every business owner is aware of the complexity of supply chain management. And, so may you. If you are a budding entrepreneur, your goal would be to develop effective and successful supply chain and deliver perfect value to the business.

This sounds an easy-to-do- task, right?

However, this can be complex and time-consuming, especially if you are unclear where to begin.This is more telling if you’re depending on old-school supply chain technology in this data-driven world.

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Read on to know these effective supply chain management tips that will prove beneficial to your organization.

Supply Market Research

Conducting a successful supply market research or intelligence is the key to risk mitigation plan.Here are the important questions you need to answer:

  • Who are your suppliers? What are the evaluation criteria?
  • Are you receiving supply on time?
  • Are you paying the right prices?
  • What’s the backup plan?
  • Are you delivering value to the business?

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The key challenges in procurement supply chain is finding the right suppliers for your company. When we say right suppliers, we mean suppliers across regions, who can offer right price and deliver on time. To be successful you need to assess supply risks, mitigate potential disruption, implement new technologies and constantly revisit your strategy according to market developments.

You need to study current market trends, discover new supply opportunities, forecast and anticipate price trends, evaluate supplier, assess supply chain risks. A successful market research involves analyzing supply market, developing category strategy, identifying suppliers, determining supply bench market and tracking global indices.

Meeting Challenges

In the current dynamic market scenario, sometimes things don’t work as per your plan. Your supply market strategy should revolve around planning for unplanned, developing substitute suppliers, focusing on best cost country sourcing. This may sound complex and time consuming.

Don’t worry, there are solutions that can do the job for you.

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Benefits of Supply Chain Market Research

Once you analyze the supply market and source right, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Improve turn-around-time
  • Larger pool of suppliers
  • Happy Internal Customers
  • Positive impact on bottom line

Concluding Part

The supply chain of any business isn’t easy. It’s quite large and can be challenging and complex as well. You need to widen your approach and keep pace with rapidly changing market dynamics.

SI-Insights is a leading provider of supply chain market research. Contact us for smart solutions at affordable prices.

Steps You Shouldn’t Ignore in Supply Chain Market Research

In this brave new marketplace, thriving a business is a challenge. It requires a business owner to have situational awareness and context-sensitive decision making ability. This is primarily possible by conducting market research using digital technologies. By doing this, you can make your supply chain personalized, customer-driven and responsive. The supply chain market research increases efficiencies and establishes improved customer experience and revenue growth.

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Below is a check-list of primary steps – maybe or may not be exhaustive, but important – to make your supply chain market research a great success.


Dont Ignore Supply Chain Market Research

A Comprehensive Approach
A comprehensive and systematic approach is the key to carry out market research successfully for supply chain management. You need to understand the needs and requirements of your business. Conduct a research study design, which defines each process- its timelines and milestones. Be assured that all the links are connected through unified technology. That means, integrate all important functions into the supply chain to for better visibility and data flow.

Know Your Starting Position
Stay ahead and take a look at your current maturity along the four stages of the development model. Dig out which areas needs improvement. Define your strategies that help you give a boost to the improvement level.

Determine Target
Determine the supply chain vision of your target market and maturity level that best supports your business strategy. Try to be become customer-centric i.e. you need to focus on your customer requirements. It requires visibility, agility, and data analytic. Make certain that you are taking care of all the nuts and bolts of your supply chain market research.

Develop a Road Map
Market research should be done by experts as they can smartly understand the areas you need to improve. Based on the market research reports, focus on the required implementation steps and work them into a detailed road map.While making the steps, lay emphasis on sales force size of your team, division or your sales force distribution by top cities, reach and frequency, top promoted products and much more.

Set up small guides with end-on scope
Basically, the market research for supply chain represents a fundamental change for most of the organizations. In that case, you need to first carry out smaller guides that showcase benefits and help develop the right capabilities. Aim to test the end-to-end flow for a specific supply chain instead of implementing a limited set of technologies on a broader scale.

Segmented roll out and capability development
Once being determined about the important projects based on the research report, take on those supply chains where expected benefit is highest. This may involve key regions, key customers, or some other supply chain segmentation criterion.

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SI-Insights Offers Comprehensive Supply Chain Market Research

Are you still wondering how to conduct supply chain market research? Get in touch with SI-Insights. Professionals at SI-Insights have expertise in all the industries. Carving a niche in the industry, they can provide you with insightful data, real-time information, and let you know about your customer’s needs, expectations and desires.
So, if you lack expertise in conducting market research, feel free to contact SI-Insights.

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