Generic Launch & Pharma Marketing Spend: An Emerging Trends

The Global Generic Drugs Market is expected to reach $375 Billion by 2021. With several patent expiries in 2018-19, demand of generic is increasing globally. As the demand for generic increases, competition to supply and sell the generics increases. In su[…]

The Big Winners of Ayushman Bharat an Analytical Report

Study Objective: The objective of the study to understand the impact of Ayushman Bharat on Indian Healthcare ecosystem in respect to various stakeholders such as Pharmaceuticals, Devices, Hospitals, Insurance providers, etc. The study also monitors p[…]

5 Easy Ways to Cut Supply Chain Costs and Save Big

For those budding entrepreneurs and CEOs who are looking out for ways to save on supply chain costs are lucky to read this post. In this post, we’d like to detect sixth essential areas to keep an eye on to reduce supply chain costs.Profits for your busi[…]

Top Reasons Why You Should Go for Supply Chain Market Research

Supply chain management is about the flow of goods and services. Its goal isto mitigate risks, reduce inventory costs, and keep track of goods’ consumption. To ensure a successful supply chain business management, it is important to choose the right ven[…]

Getting a Better Idea of Sales Force Deployment

Is your sales organization fully equipped? In today’s setting of mergers, achievements, and dismissals, many businesses do not have a comprehensive approach to the toolkit that their itinerant and remote workers bring with them each day. Your sales […]

5 Quick Reasons Why You Should Choose Business Intelligence

In this day and age, you may want to have all those budding tools to have that edge over your rivals. For this, Business Intelligence (BI) is a must. BI refers to tools, applications, technologies,and practices, required to collect, integrate and analyze […]

4 Most Important Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing

Good to see you again.This time,we have got one simple question to ask you. “What do you think are the essential elements of effective social media marketing?” Yeah, don’t worry;hardly a few people actually have the right answer. And for them, we&#8[…]

Case study on How Social Media Help Patient: Impact of Social Media on Healthcare

As we all know, in today’s world everyone is using social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and Forums) to share their stories, views and spread awareness on any topics.Even in healthcare and pharmaceiutical sector, social media has become a pla[…]

A Beginner’s Guide to Supply Chain Management

Every business owner is aware of the complexity of supply chain management. And, so may you. If you are a budding entrepreneur, your goal would be to develop effective and successful supply chain and deliver perfect value to the business. This sounds an e[…]

Digital Market Research: What to Do & What Not To Do?

Market research is an essential need of businesses. Without proper planning and research, a business stands miles away from its success.Despite this hard truth, many businesses are unclear on its exact meaning or they don’t know how to benefit from it. […]
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