4 Most Important Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing

Good to see you again. This time,we have got one simple question to ask you. “What do you think are the essential elements of effective social media marketing?” Yeah, don’t worry;hardly a few people actuallyhave the right answer. And for them, we&#8[…]

Case study on How Social Media Help Patient: Impact of Social Media on Healthcare

As we all know, in today’s world everyone is using social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and Forums) to share their stories, views and spread awareness on any topics.Even in healthcare and pharmaceiutical sector, social media has become a pla[…]

A Beginner’s Guide to Supply Chain Management

Every business owner is aware of the complexity of supply chain management. And, so may you. If you are a budding entrepreneur, your goal would be to develop effective and successful supply chain and deliver perfect value to the business. This sounds an e[…]

Digital Market Research: What to Do & What Not To Do?

Market research is an essential need of businesses. Without proper planning and research, a business stands miles away from itssuccess.Despite this hard truth, many businesses areunclear on its exact meaning orthey don’t know how to benefit from it. In […]

Steps You Shouldn’t Ignore in Supply Chain Market Research

In this brave new marketplace, thriving a business is a challenge. It requires a business owner to have situational awareness and context-sensitive decision making ability. This is primarily possible by conducting market research using digital technologie[…]

All That You Should Know About Supply Chain Intelligence in 2018

Are you looking for ways to tackle the increased global complexity of supply chains? Are you wondering where your performance is weak and wrong? If so, you lack EXPERT Supply Chain Intelligence solution. The supply chain intelligence is more than just abo[…]

6 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Repeat in 2018

The days of this year are numbered. Marketers seem to be busy in measuring mistakes they made in their digital marketing strategies this year. 2017 has taken the digital marketing industry by storm, and the same is being expected in the 2018 as well. Don[…]

Pharmaceutical Sales Force Deployment Benchmarking-Importance of Self Assessment

There are a number of factors, which contributes to the success of a brand or achieving the sales target. When we talk about pharmaceuticals we tend to keep our focus on creating a winning sales team. A motivated sales team is the key differentiator even […]

Thinking about Social Media Benchmarking? Things You Should Know to Measure Business Performance

Technology is transforming. And digitization has changed the way you do your business. Today entrepreneurs are digging out new processes,incorporating new ways and setting new strategies to take their business to the next level. Measuring your business pe[…]
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